2020 was a fantastic year


What a year 2020 was. I have reflected on all I have accomplished and feel so very proud.

To remind me when I am old, here’s to a new journal entry, and not in my accounting world of debits and credits. Although having the past year’s accomplishments presented in a T account would be cool.

Hmmmm, new idea for an art quilt...kind of like Left brain/Right brain. And that reminds me of the coolest quilt I had the pleasure of seeing up close and in person from the traveling Sacred Threads exhibit that graced our fine city of Norcross, Ga.

What happened?

Very Good
  • Went to Ireland for work for two weeks, for the first time. Got out just before airports started closing.
  • Travelled to Arizona and met up with family in March. They left a few days early. We cancelled out second week where we planned to visit Jackson Hole and Salt Lake City.
  • Made a paper quilt from saved tea bag wrappers. I had painted and stamped them and sewed them together. They were intended to be used as the platform for 3 positive daily recollections. I got as far as late January until I left for Ireland.
  • Had meals everyday with James...he's working from home. So nice.
  • Honed my long-arm quilting skills. Got to work on a couple of quilt tops from Sue Wyatt (Garden Club). Man did she receive a screaming deal but more importantly I learned lots from the experiences.
  • Attended loads of online classes:
    • Quilting Rockstars from HollyAnne Knight where the focus was on developing skills in the areas of free motion quilting and a bit of design and color. The program lasted a few months.
    • Took 12 month long class with Philippa Naylor's Quilter's Question Time. The classes are varied but included precision piecing, free motion quilting, binding techniques, prairie points, curved piecing, and the list goes on. I still have some classes to go through. It was such an informative series, I renewed for another year and part two with new and more content.
    • Really enjoyed the free Kid's Art Week class from Carla Sonheim. Loved exploring the idea of making art like a kid, having fun, and not giving a flip if anyone liked it or not. Can't wait to do it again this year and look forward to finding time to visit prior years.
    • Completed an Open SAP, another free source from SAP, class on improving my presentation and writing skills along with a class on Analytics, a topic I hope to teach.
  • Lost 15 pounds myself, while James, of course, easily lost 30 pounds, due to a major change in our eating habits mainly watching our carb intake from gluten.
  • Reduced time on computer mostly because I was spending tons of time sewing.
  • Made some awesome quilts and wall hangings.
    • Happy - what a joy to make and through my online lessons on precision piecing, I really nailed the alignment of blocks.
    • Starry, another very pleasing pattern and again applied my precision piecing lessons to nail, mostly, the points in the stars.
    • Tranquility - mmmmm, very soothing color palette, loved using fabric I already had and having enough to make two. They're on the quilt machine waiting to be quilted.
    • A quilt for my nephew Thomas, Tumbler, using a tumbler pattern and a quilt with 90 buttons for niece Lainey using fabric I got free from a nearby neighbor.
    • Posh Santa - used up fabric already had and got acquainted with a specialty ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful.
    • Tons of pot holders and lots of cool holiday cards.


  • Intensified my commitment to my health by going to Gyrotonics and Gyrokenesis usually no less than two days a week. My work with Jolayne Berg is always exciting and I always feel fantastic after a workout.
  • I learned about Brain Buttons too and do that almost everyday. What a great way to get my mind set for a day of learning and making my mark.
  • Reinitiated morning practice of Five Tibetan Rites. Combined with the brain buttons, I have a ton of energy and what a great way to start the day.
  • Definitely a major highlight of the year was taking on an art student. Zoë joined me for a couple hours a day a few times a week. I taught her how to use a sewing machine. She put together a rope basket, a fabric card, a fabric catch-all, a stuffed owl and probably lots more. I taught her how to dye fabric and from that fabric she made a sun dress. We also dyed fabric for a wall hanging. She's still working on that but we've had so much fun. Yesterday, December 31, 2020, we got together and made some homemade tissue paper poppers where she wrote out affirmations insertions. I asked her to make one for me to give to James. She wrote "Somedays when you're alone, somedays when you're sad, you can find that special person that makes your day." He loved it. She's 9 y/o.
  • Established a weekly call to sister...I need to improve my skills at touching base with my siblings.
  • My herb and flower gardens were the hit of the neighborhood, at least in my mind, and the little 3 y/o neighbor Electa who came by almost everyday to visit the gardens. They are conveniently located in the front yard.
  • Most recently James and I met a number of new people who have a common love of cool cars. It's been nice to make new friends, learn new stuff, and just have a good time despite the limitations of social gatherings in 2020.

If you thought that 2020 was a stinker, maybe, but for me, I choose to live my life thinking about the positive aspects of having to work remotely, rethink trips and how I will get to destinations, practicing new and interesting skills, and just enjoying my peaceful walks with James.